5 Hair Care Tips for Men

When you were growing up, chances are that mum said all you need to do to your hair was to shampoo and rinse it and you were good to go. The only problem is there’s more to men hair care than shampoo and rinse. As a matter of fact hair care for men is imperative if the hair is to remain strong, elastic and shiny.

cool menHere are some hair care tips for men that will certainly come in handy;

1. Avoid Chemical Treatments

Coloring your hair frequently might leave it damaged, dry and dull. If you must use chemicals on your hair, avoid homemade chemical products and go to a good stylish for such services. A stylist will not only prepare your hair correctly but will use the best products for your hair type as well.

2. Use the Right Tools

Avoid using a comb on wet hair when it’s most susceptible. Apply a wide toothed comb for wet hair and smoothly work out any tangles. Keep off heated tools like irons and blow dryers which can make your hair dry and leave it damaged.

3. Stay Healthy

Your hair’s condition is most of the time a reflection of the overall health state of your body. Maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating well, drinking a lot of water, exercising and having enough sleep. In so doing, your scalp will remain healthier and have your hair looking great. A healthy lifestyle will enhance the rate at which your hair grows too.

4. Avoid Tight Hats

Wearing tight hats has been associated with Traction Alopecia, a condition characterized by pulling of hair out of the scalp. If you wear them for long, the damage can turn out to be permanent. In addition, a tight hat can bring about damage to the cuticle and cause hair breakage as well.

5. Keep it Short

The only way to remove your broken hair is to cut off the broken section. Trimming your hair on a regular basis ensures that you wipe out split ends. If you want to grow your hair out, ensure that you trim it at least every six weeks. The only thing you’ll have to do is inform your hair stylist that you only want him or her to remove enough hair so as to eliminate damage.

Men shouldn’t take their hair for granted. A shimmering head full of thick hair comes across as desirable for either of the sexes. It adds on to your sex appeal, when you have soft, healthy hair. With these tips on hair care for men, the look of your hair should be pleasing to the eye.